Visual Signalling Equipment

Steady Beacons

LED - Steady Beacons

Flashing Beacons

LED - Flashing Beacons

Strobe Beacons

LED - Strobe Beacons


LED - Multi Colour Beacons

Rotating Mirror Beacons

M22 Panel Mount Beacons

Panel Mount Beacons 37 mm (PG29)

Vehicle Beacons

LED Worklights

Signal Towers

Modular Signal Towers

Compact Signal Tower

halfDOME Signal Tower

Visual - Audible Sign. Equipment

Beacon-Buzzer Series T

Mini Horn - Steady Beacon

Mini Horn-LED Steady Beacon

Mini Horn - LED Flashing Beacon

Mini Horn - Strobe Beacon

Combinations Multi-tone Alarm Sounder A - Beacon Q

Multi-tone Alarm Sounders A with Light Indicator

Beacons Q with Buzzer Indicator

Signal Beacon-Buzzer "S"

Strobe Beacon - Signalling Sounder

LED Flashing Beacon-Electronic Multitone Siren

M22 Panel Mount Buzzer - LED Beacon

Audible Signalling Equipment

Buzzer Series T

Mini Horns

Signal Horns


Electronic Multitone Siren

Electronic Sound Generators

Audible Signalling Sounder

Motor Sirens

M22 Panel Mount Buzzer

M28 Panel Mount Buzzer

Surface Mount Buzzer-Electronic Siren

Telephones and Accessories

Ex-proof Telephone

Ex proof Telephones Accessories

Weatherproof Telephones

Weatherproof Telephones Accessories

Telephone protection hoods

Ex-proof Signalling Equipment

Ex proof Signal Horns

Ex proof Signal Bell

Ex proof Loudspeakers

Ex proof Sound Generators

Ex proof Aud. Signalling Sounders

Ex proof Strobe Beacons

Ex proof rotating signal beacon

Ex proof steady beacon

Ex proof Visual-Aud. Signalling Sounders

Ex proof LED-Signal Beacon


LED bulbs


Halogen bulbs


Visual Signalling

Audible Signalling

Explosion Protection

Protection Classes

Standards & Proof Marks

Weight List Products