Visual Signalling Equipment

Steady Beacons

LED - Steady Beacons

Flashing Beacons

LED - Flashing Beacons

Strobe Beacons

LED - Strobe Beacons


LED - Multi Colour Beacons

Rotating Mirror Beacons

M22 Panel Mount Beacons

Panel Mount Beacons 37 mm (PG29)

Signal Towers

Modular Signal Towers

Compact Signal Tower

halfDOME Signal Tower

Visual - Audible Sign. Equipment

Beacon-Buzzer Series T

Mini Horn - Steady Beacon

Mini Horn-LED Steady Beacon

Mini Horn - LED Flashing Beacon

Mini Horn - Strobe Beacon

Combinations Multi-tone Alarm Sounder A - Beacon Q

Multi-tone Alarm Sounders A with Light Indicator

Beacons Q with Buzzer Indicator

Signal Beacon-Buzzer "S"

Strobe Beacon - Signalling Sounder

LED Flashing Beacon-Electronic Multitone Siren

M22 Panel Mount Buzzer - LED Beacon

Audible Signalling Equipment

Buzzer Series T

Mini Horns

Signal Horns


Electronic Multitone Siren

Electronic Sound Generators

Motor Sirens

M22 Panel Mount Buzzer

M28 Panel Mount Buzzer

Surface Mount Buzzer-Electronic Siren

Telephones and Accessories

Ex-proof Telephone

Ex proof Telephones Accessories

Weatherproof Telephones

Weatherproof Telephones Accessories

Telephone protection hoods

Ex-proof Signalling Equipment

Ex proof Signal Horns

Ex proof Signal Bell

Ex proof Sound Generators

Ex proof Strobe Beacons

Ex proof Visual-Aud. Signalling Sounders

Ex proof LED-Signal Beacon


LED bulbs


Halogen bulbs


Visual Signalling

Audible Signalling

Explosion Protection

Protection Classes

Standards & Proof Marks

Weight List Products