halfDOME Signal towers in BLACK
since January 2009
We have won several projects with halfDOME signal towers but were requested in specific projects to come up preferrably with a black decorative housing part.

Although black is not always so easy to injection mould (particularly the injection moulder does not like that colour if he has to use the same mould also for the light grey housing) we decided to come up with first samples for specific projects in Sweden and Denmark..

Meanwhile we have won the first volume project in Denmark which by the way besides the black housing (decorative part) also included only clear lenses on the tower (with coloured led inserts) as it was the optimum solution for a particular outdoor application.

In order to open the black housing colour option also to all our other distributors we have decided to offer it as third housing colour option. Preferrably we would like to use that colour in projects as a minimum production quantity per black colour run is 250 pieces. However as we will stock these partially anyway, we can also provide you with individual sample(s) and smaller lot sizes to acquire potential endusers with that product option.

Prices remain unchanged and the same as for the standard chrome colour option.